Attorneys J.D. Merris and Cathy L. Naugle combine decades of
legal experience to offer Southwest Idaho legal counsel in a wide variety of family and criminal law matters.

Our attorneys

Our team of two offers distinct legal expertise:

J.D. Merris is offers legal representation in a variety of criminal law matters.

Cathy L. Naugle served as an Ada County family law judge  before entering private practice as a family law attorney. Her career as a private practitioner specializing in family law–including mediator services in divorce and other family law matters– provides her with a valuable and unique perspective from which to approach family law issues, resolve them by settlement, or, if necessary, present them to the court in a manner tailored to provide a judge with the pertinent facts and law in a manner designed to maximize her client’s position.

As a long-time family law litigator, she has cultivated a collegial working relationship with most fellow attorneys, while remaining a strong and challenging opponent in the courtroom.

Phone: Cathy L. Naugle: (208) 331-1840
913 W River St • Ste. 420
Boise, Idaho 83702
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